• Expansion - upgrade of existing system

  • Compact MBBR units

  • Modern Wastewater Reuse technologies

  • Low operating and maintenance costs

  • Flexible prefabricated waste units

  • Reuse of treated wastewater - MBR

  • Modern Wastewater Reuse technologies

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Urban wastewater treatment

  • Compact Containerized MBR units 

  • Experience in all treatment applications

  • Anaerobic waste treatment and energy production

  • Water treatment


Design &
Installation of
New Plants

E.C.C specializes on the design, construction and installation of complete “ Turn key " treatment systems, based on the actual necessities of our customers.

Extension &
Upgrade of
Existing Plants

In cases of extension or upgrade of existing plants, our experience of more than 35 years in the field, in combination with the application of proven and reliable technologies...

Follow up &
Operation of

In order to ensure the perfect and continues operation of the plants, ECC provides follow-up and operation contracts offering continues visits from our...

Troubleshooting &
Restoration of
Problematic Plants

Based on our deep knowledge of the subject in combination with our long year experience, we guarantee the provision of solutions and the correct restoration  of any...

Equipment Maintenance

Our Company undertakes the Technical maintenance of the electromechanical equipment on your plant through maintenance contracts, including periodical visits...

Testing &

Thanks to our capability for small pilot applications our Company can provide unique, flexible and economical solutions for all your environmental needs.

Training of Plant
Engineers &

The correct training of your responsible plant Engineers and Operators is one of the basic conditions for the good operation of your plant. ECC provides...